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A Simple, No-Nonsense, Guide To Steam Cleaning Your Carpets

Carpets instantly add warmth, comfort, style, and texture to any space. More than any other flooring option, they make a house feel like a home — and add a luxurious personal touch to any commercial property. 

The only disadvantage? Carpets need regular maintenance. Not only do carpets accumulate dirt fairly quickly, carpet cleaning can also be a real challenge for the uninitiated. 

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Of course, you vacuum clean your carpets regularly and take swift action to take care of small spills with a carpet cleaning spray. Sooner or later, however, deep carpet cleaning will become necessary. Steam cleaning is the best solution. 

Are you intimidated, or simply prefer to leave the job to Carpet Cleaners Frederick, MD? As the best carpet cleaning service Frederick has to offer, we’ll always be at your service — but if you are determined to steam clean your own carpets, we have some tips for you, too.

Here’s how to steam clean your carpets like a pro. 

1. Remove Furniture And Other Obstacles Before You Steam Clean Your Carpet

Before you get to work with a steam carpet cleaning machine, it’s crucial to remove all furniture and other obstacles from the area. This is what a professional Carpet Cleaners Frederick, MD would do for you, and it’s where you should start if you are going the DIY route, too.

While many of the obstacles in any room will be easy enough to move, you may face some challenges:


  • Some furniture will be too heavy to lift up and transport safely if you do not have the manpower.
  • You may not have anywhere to store larger pieces of furniture, such as conference tables or couches. 


Turning to Carpet Cleaning Services Frederick for your steam cleaning needs can help you avoid the first challenge. The second challenge is easier to solve — simply move all furniture to one side of the room. Steam clean the carpet on the empty side, and when the process is complete, move onto the other half. 

2. Vacuum, Dust, And Remove Stains

Your working area should now be empty, and you can begin cleaning the carpet. Hold up, though! You are not ready for steam carpet cleaning yet. Professional Carpet Cleaners Frederick, MD would advise you to:

  • Dust and clean anything that cannot be removed from the room. That means baseboards, but also shelves and even ceiling fans.
  • Thoroughly vacuum clean the entire carpet — more slowly and methodically than you typically would, and twice or three times to ensure that you remove as many small particles from the carpet as you possibly can. Don’t forget to pay attention to the corners and edges. Vacuuming your carpet also preps the carpet for the carpet cleaning machine.
  • Do you have particularly dirty spots on your carpet, from a spill or someone’s muddy boots for instance? Steam cleaning your carpets may not be enough, and it is important to pre-treat these stubborn areas with a carpet cleaning solution. Remember to dab the carpet cleaning solution on. Do not rub and scrub.

3. Make Your Steam Cleaner Operational

Not all carpet cleaning machines are the same, so it is very much worthwhile to give the manual a good once-over before you start cleaning your carpet. You will need to:

  • Fill the reservoir of your carpet cleaning machine with water. 
  • Only add carpet cleaning detergent if instructed.


This sounds simple enough, but beware — not all carpets are the same. Luxury carpets made from natural fibers, particularly wool, require special and gentle care. While some people opt to fill their steam cleaner with hot water, this can lead some carpets to shrink and sustain irreparable damage. 

Similarly, most modern carpet cleaning machines rely solely on the power of steam. Carpet cleaning detergents may help, or may damage and bleach your carpet.

Are you not sure whether you can get it right? No problem. Call Carpet Cleaners Frederick, MD to steam clean your carpets professionally, and you will not have to worry about damaging your precious carpets.

4. Steam Clean Your Carpet In Small Sections

If you called Carpet Cleaning Services Frederick to professionally steam clean your carpets, we would start with a small test area in an unobtrusive place. You should do the same if you are going to steam clean your own carpets. Some carpets, particularly vintage carpets, can respond to steam cleaning in an unpredictable manner. You want to ensure that steam cleaning is safe for your carpet before you tackle the entire room.

If you achieve good results on your test spot, you can proceed to steam clean the rest of the carpet. Use your steam cleaning machine carefully and slowly, cleaning the carpet section by section. As you do so, ensure that you work outward, to a door. Once you have finished steam cleaning a section of your carpet, you should not walk on it until the carpet dries completely. 

5. Allow Your Carpet To Air Dry Completely

Depending on the type of carpet you have, you may feel like the carpet is dry almost immediately. Make no mistake, however. Carpet Cleaners Frederick, MD would like to remind you that it will take a minimum of 24 hours for your carpet to dry completely, and for the best results, it is crucial that you give your carpet time. 

Never attempt to speed up the drying process artificially, with tools such as hairdryers, and do not walk on a freshly steam cleaned carpet until it is entirely dry. 

More and more people are using steam cleaning machines to clean their own carpets — but for the best results, and to ensure that your carpet is not damaged, we’d advise you to call in the professionals. Looking for Carpet Cleaning Services Frederick? We can restore your carpet to its original condition in no time, reliably, safely, and professionally.