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Did you know that there is 4,000 times more dirt on your carpet than on your toilet seat? And carpets can harbor bacteria for up to four weeks? This is why regular professional carpet cleaning is essential to maintaining its appearance and performance.

Amazing Carpet Cleaning has decades of carpet cleaning experience, focused on just one thing: You! To ensure that our customers have a healthy and clean living environment, we continue to be on top of the latest carpet cleaning technologies. As a result, our team continues to learn, grow, and improve our carpet cleaning practices so that we stand out above the rest and exceed every customer’s expectation.

Apart from providing exceptional carpet cleaning services, we are proud to utilize the most modern equipment as well as knowledgeable and friendly staff to ensure our customers get everything they want and more. You worked hard to make your home or businesses yours, and we’re committed to helping you maintain them.

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Keedysville Md Carpet Cleaning

Keedysville Md Carpet Cleaning

Every muddy footprint, every spilled cola, every dog that couldn’t wait for the door to open leaves a mark on your carpet. Although vacuuming and stain-removal products can be helpful, they simply cannot compare with professional carpet cleaning. With Keedysville Md Carpet Cleaning, you can bring an end to everyday stains and get rid of dirt, allergens, and odors from deep within the carpet.

upholstery cleaning frederick md

Upholstery Cleaning Keedysville Md

Most people don’t realize that upholstered furniture functions like air filters in their homes. Filtering out allergens and dirt is one of the main benefits of upholstery. For your furniture to remain optimally effective, it needs to be professionally cleaned regularly. If you’re looking for a high-quality upholstery cleaning that’s safe for your family, furniture, and pets, then Amazing Carpet Cleaning is the company to call.

Area Rug Cleaning Frederick Md

Grout Cleaning Keedysville Md

Grout needs to be cleaned because tiled surfaces lose their shine and luster over time. Using a mop and scrubbing alone won’t produce a thoroughly clean surface. During hand cleaning, only the surface soil from grout is removed, not the embedded dirt since grout is porous and easily absorbs dirt and debris. Make sure you don’t make these cleaning mistakes! Getting professional Amazing Carpet Cleaning services instead will leave your tiles looking cleaner.

Area Rug Cleaning Frederick Md

Area Rug Cleaning Keedysville Md

There is no denying that area rugs receive a lot of traffic. Rugs are often put down in high traffic areas for their aesthetic value and to protect the flooring, but who will care for them? Regular cleaning is essential for area rugs to perform properly and maintain their appearance. Even though regular vacuuming is important, it won’t do all the work for you. To maintain a rug’s appearance and comfort, it is important to have it professionally cleaned by Amazing Carpet Cleaning regularly.

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Keedysville is a town in Washington County, Maryland, United States. The population was 1,152 at the 2010 census. == History == The first documented house in Keedysville was built in 1738. The description for George Gordon's "Gordon's Purchase" land tract notes "...one log house, 12 x 15 feet..." The initial warrant for the tract had been issued to Owen McDonald in Jan. 1738, the year before Gordon acquired it. Gordon's Purchase was the first tract taken up by a Euromerican within what would eventually become Keedysville. The main road at that time was the Conococheague Road, which branched from the Great Wagon Road just east of Keedysville and led to the farthest reaches of the provence, passing through what would eventually be Keedysville. The house and its exact location are unknown but the starting point for Gordon's Purchase was on today's Bell Lane. As more settlers moved into the region a grist mill was built on Little Antietam Creek about 1765 to serve the earliest farmers who were mostly German and Swiss immigrants who'd migrated from Pennsylvania. This mill was bought by Jacob Hess in 1770.

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